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Music Theory 101: Intro to Music Notes & Rhythmic Notation

This class is offered online via Takelessons Live. A membership is required to attend this class.

Class Details

  •  Level: Beginner
  •  Average Class Size: 5 Students
  •  Ages: 6+
  •  Class Length: 45 mins.

Class Objectives

  • Identify the names of pitches on the musical staff

  • Understand the meaning of various musical terms

  • Perform basic rhythmic notation


  • Staff paper and a pencil

  • A reliable internet connection

  • A laptop or desktop computer if you’re joining from home. The Google Chrome web browser is recommended for computer users

  • A tablet or smartphone if you’re on-the-go. The TakeLessons app (for Android or iPhone) is required for smartphone users

  • A built-in or external webcam


This online music theory class will help you get familiar with the basics of music. An expert instructor will deepen your knowledge of music notes and the musical staff. Basic rhythmic notation will also be a primary focus of this interactive class. Lastly, you’ll discuss a few more signs and symbols, such as dynamics, to give you a firm foundation of music theory.

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