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Van Life Without the Fancy Conversion:

When you start your van life conversion it’s important to know what basic activities you’ll be scheduling for yourself. This will help you better know what items are necessities for your adVANture. For our van “conversion” we planned on staying mostly urban, lots of boon docking. We do day hikes often, but we usually don’t stay in rural camping areas. Our van life family consists of myself, my hubby, our 3 year old son, and our 60 lb dog Kaya.

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What Happens When Your Van House Breaks Down!?!

We were in San Luis Obispo the first time that we had to leave our Vouse (Van-house) at the shop. We don’t have much in the vouse, but the few things we brought along are everything we have. We were 300 miles away from home, and on top of finding a mechanic that would do a great job on the van, we had to find a shop that we could trust with our domicile and all its possessions.

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