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5 Best and Worst Westcoast Cities for Urban Boondocking

So you’ve got the urge to live in your van? Undoubtedly, here in the United States, the west coast is the best coast for vanlife. The weather is mild. The culture is laid back. And the views out of your van window are guaranteed to be unbelievable. But just like anyplace with so many positives, there are bound to be some drawbacks.

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5 Tips for Super Stealthy Urban Boondocking

With so many people opting to live the #vanlife I was surprised to hear so many parking horror stories from fellow travelers on the road. Urban boondocking (sleeping in your vehicle for free) is outlawed in some cities, like San Luis Obispo, Ca. In other cities like Eugene, Or van life feels like the way of life. Either way with my list of essential urban boondocking tips you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep wherever you find yourself for the evening.

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